6 Crucial Tips on Branding

September 15, 2017

The value of branding to any company is absolute. Whether you are in real estate, cleaning, banking, engineering, technology or manufacturing, branding is central to your business when it comes to securing trust and goodwill of your clients. Here are 6 branding tips and advice to help you find a brand that’ll make you stand out in a sea of competition.

But first…. What is Branding?

Branding entails the process of developing a clear, unique image of a company, property or brand. It’s what makes your company or product recognisable to your audience. Whether it’s a signboard, newsletter or a Twitter handle, the image should be similar.

Consistency is the name of the game

In branding, it’s crucial to stay consistent. Create a particular style, vision & mission, and logo then stick with them. If you are persistent in the manner in which you present your brand to your clients, eventually it will become memorable and recognisable.

Images are Important

It’s no big secret images are a very vital aspect of any branding strategy. You cannot place your brand on a newsletter, website, twitter or Facebook without accompanying images. It’ll also paint your brand in a bad light. Whatever your branding tactic is, using images is a great way to express style and elegance.

Use your Brand Identity

Brand identity determines how your clients or customers see your brand. For branding purposes, your brand identity should also remain consistent to buttress your core values. This way, your brand will pop out among competitors. Think about it – what makes brands like Barclays, Mercedes, Apple, and Google so popular? They always revisit and stay true to their brand identities.

Keep it Clear and Simple

Keep logos, names, taglines, and other aspects of branding simple, short, and consistent. Period.

Make Your Tagline Visible

Strapline or tagline is a slogan that is unique to your brand. It goes in tandem with the logo and brand name. That is why it should be visible enough to be recognisable in an instant. Make it easy on the eye and memory.

Develop a Branding Plan or Strategy

Any branding strategy without a plan is bound to flop. Ensure that you have a brand management strategy on an on-going basis. It is only this way that you can see to it that your brand remains strong and consistent. Don’t forget to create a plan to make sure that any changes made are always in line with brand values.

Branding in today’s more competitive than ever world shouldn’t be hard. Try above tips for a no-hassle branding strategy.

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