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How End of Tenancy Cleaning Raises Your Rents

June 7, 2017

The cleanliness of your housing units has a direct weight on the rental money that goes into your pocket as a landlord. Previously occupied units can be a big letdown if the end of tenancy cleaning has not been done in the correct fashion. The standard tenancy agreement obligates the outgoing client to do the tenancy cleaning. However, there will always be that errant tenant who goes off without bothering to clean up. Even where cleaning has been done, you must go over a few places again just to make the whole place spick and span. Engaging a professional end of tenancy cleaning service is the best way of ensuring that the job is done right the first time. This will help you see a rise in your rental incomes in no time. This is why

A professional job the first time

If end of tenancy cleaning is done shoddily by the outgoing tenant or the caretaker, it will have to be done all over again. This means your units will stay unoccupied for longer which costs you money. Hiring a day person with a mop and bucket will also cost you money as you will be forced to hire a cleaning service to do a proper job all over.

Hiring professional cleaners the first time round is more advisable as you will save money and have a thorough job done. A cleaning service has the manpower, equipment and cleaning materials to do the end of tenancy cleaning even in a house that is in a disastrous state.

Keep away pest and vermin infestation

If the end of tenancy is not done right, it will leave behind attractions like bread crumbs, for pests and vermin.  Mice will hide in paper and clothes debris that is unpicked. Cockroaches, fleas and other bugs will also find comfort in dirty cabinets and carpets.  In an unoccupied house, these pests and vermin can breed and multiply very quickly. This means that you will be forced to incur costs on pest eradication when a new tenant moves in.

Hygienic housing

A house that was previously occupied will often have elements that might trigger health problems for the incoming tenants. These could be pet hairs in the carpet and rugs, or pollen released by in-house plants. Health complications like asthma attacks could be triggered by these elements. A thorough end of tenancy cleaning job will get rid of these triggers making the house safer for the incoming tenants.

A professional end of tenancy cleaning service can see your rent income rise impressively as your units maintain high occupancy rates.

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