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Top Must Have Tools to Make Digital Art

June 12, 2017

Do you need to make astounding digital art and graphics for a movie, comic or museum art?  Digital art is as challenging as pencil art only that you are doing most of the stuff using digital tools. These tools have really evolved from the early days of MS Paint. Although concept and execution of ideas is the most important thing to an artist, having the latest tools in the market will not harm your cause either. The good thing is that there are tools and software for all kinds of budgets. However, there are some basics you should really try to acquire.

Pencil and paper

These are the most basic tools you will need, and for a good reason. When starting on sketches you will be experimenting with different ideas. You need something you can work on fast and throw away or compare with other sketches. A pencil allows your hand to perfect pressure strokes as well as other skills.

A good Computer

Macs have been the machines of choice for graphics designers. The slight disadvantage is that Macs are pricier than PCs and will not accept copied software, which is what you will most likely use as a starter. The alternative is the Surface line from Microsoft.  Professional artists have heaped praise on the Surface Book.

Wacom tablet

If you would prefer to jump into the deep end, there is the Wacom tablet which is a prized possession for many pro digital artists. This tablet allows you to draw just like you would with a pencil and paper. It has pressure sensitivity so that your pencil strokes come out more natural. You could opt for the cheaper Wacom Intuos or go for the pricier Wacom Cintiq that has interactive pen display


Most digital artists will say that Photoshop is the basic program you need to make full colour sketches. Depending on the platform you are developing the art for, you would require other programs for example Zbrush for making alien monsters for films. Corel Painter is also been highly regarded.

3D programs

If you are planning to animate your digital, you will have to work with 3D programs.  you can use 3D programs for building up your concepts too as they will allow you to get the big picture and get things like eye level, camera lens and perspective right. You can use Lightwave, Google’s Sketchup, or Autodesk’s Maya

Fundamentals of art

Just like any other skill, art is grounded in basic principles which you have to muster. These include colour theory, lighting, and composition. Practice these and you be on the path to making great art.

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