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Where to Find the Best Double Rooms to Rent London

September 19, 2017

Some useful sites where you can find double rooms to rent

If you are looking for rooms to rent with a friend, double rooms to rent present an even better offer on the rent. A spacious room enough for two beds is perhaps the most extreme form of house share arrangement but if you are a student or job searcher, it is not much different than   living in college dorms. A double room basically means that the room is spacious enough to accommodate two beds. If this kind of house share arrangement interests you, there are several websites where you can look up double rooms to rent.

Spare Room

This is a very good site for looking up rooms and roommates. There is an interesting feature called ‘buddy-ups’ which allows you to find people looking for similar arrangements for matching. This means that your chances of finding like-minded people are higher. This is better as you start the house share from scratch rather than being the newbie who misses out on well-known jokes and stories.


This site is widely loved for the powerful search features. You can search for rooms by area, monthly or weekly budget, type of room and preferred roommate. Finding a compatible roommate is very easy on this site with a few clicks. There is allowance for potential roommates to write what they would like to see in a roommate.


This is a no-frills website where you simply list where you want to live, and a list of available rooms in that area will come up, with details on type of room, price and availability. There are fewer details needed unlike on Spareroom and Easyroommate. This makes the site easier and friendlier to use. The disadvantage of this lightweight approach is that there is not much you can do for roommate preferences. This can be overlooked by the fact that it is free to use.

Room Hunters 

If you are looking for the perfect roommate for double rooms to rent, this is the site to use. The site allows you to be very specific about the roommate you want. It even asks for details on sexual orientation and preferences! People with rooms to rent can place a free room advert, specify the type of renter needed and wait for the enquiries to come in.


This is a social networking site modelled for house share. It has French origins but English users can easily switch to English language. This site has a wider audience which means you can easily find a roommate of different culture if you are looking for one.

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