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Why You Cannot do Without End of Tenancy Cleaning London

July 14, 2017

End of tenancy cleaning is a standard agreement in tenancy contracts. The understanding is that you will leave the house in a condition as near as it was when you moved in. The landlord has an inventory record to show the state of the house when you moved in. It is this moving in inventory record that he uses to compare the state of the housing unit when you are moving out. The landlord is within his rights to demand that a cleaning job is done well to required standards before reimbursing the tenancy deposit. Your best bet against having a dispute with the landlord over the state of the house is by employing a professional end of tenancy cleaning service. Why should you do this?

A thorough job

It is unlikely that you have the necessary resources to do a thorough job of cleaning the house top to bottom. Your ordinary mop and bucket would be inadequate in cleaning the ceilings, walls and other places that are not usually cleaned.

On the other hand, a professional cleaning service has all the resources needed for a comprehensive cleaning job. This includes a cleaning crew, cleaning equipment and tools, and industrial grade cleaning materials. If there is a stain that has stubbornly remained on the rug for 2 years, it will be dealt with.

Saving on time

If you have moved houses, it is highly unlikely that you have the time to go back to your old house to do cleaning. This is more so if you have moved to a different town or city. The best you can do is have someone take over the job. This will save you time and be more convenient leaving you to go about your business.

Reduced health risks

A thorough cleaning job will give off plenty of dust and debris.  It also involves using harsh bleaches and climbing high heights. If you have a respiratory condition like asthma, you could have a strong reaction. There is also the risk or falling when cleaning the ceiling, or getting crushed when moving heavy furniture. All this can be avoided by hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning service

Safe waste disposal

The debris and rubbish coming off the cleaning will need careful disposal. If it is too much you will have to take it to the dumpsite or recycle dump. This is hectic as you will require a disposal van and permits. You can leave a cleaning service to handle all this.

Hiring a professional End of Tenancy Cleaning London service will take this major hassle off your to do list and guarantee that your tenancy deposit will be reimbursed.

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